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October school holiday trips $95pp 5-6 people Labour weekend Saturday half day $120pp and 23rd Monday full day 3 places $180pp Westcoast Charters are Wellingtons longest running and most experienced smaller group boat charter we catch fish and have a clean safety record never had a disaster we dont take chances with the sea. This is my style of fishing charter the aim of the trip is to catch you fish and make it as positive and enjoyable as I can it is not a case of sitting back in comfort and hoping it will happen you can do that at home and watch it on tv,I will help you to achieve a good catch of a variety of good fish if wind and currents are a bit against us we have to work a bit harder or fish closer to shore and usually achieve a result if you have any requests on how you would like the trip to go feel free to talk to me and I will try to customise the trip as long as it is practical. While we are catching eaters a kingfish can dive in and take a bait or we could have a livebait out if it is practical. Full day and half day local fishing trips,snapper evening trips, tarakihi and blue cod fishing, groper fishing,trolling for albacore tuna in summer fast twin engined catamaran Felix for up to 6 passengers less time travelling more time fishing I do a more personalised trip. I cant afford to run cheap deals but you will get what you pay for worth considering if this is your once a year trip I have the time to look after you properly.group booking or join in. New Zealand has the best tasting fish in the world and all our species taste good. I have been running charters successfully for 20 years I can cater for most needs To book just send an email or call me payment methods cash cheque or bank deposit we take a non refundable deposit but will refund if the weather is bad.

Wellington fishing west coast weather and fishing charter information 30/09/17
Windy springtime so not getting out regularly but the last two times out were good good fishing and the last trip our customer landed an 11kg snapper a real beauty bump head the works check it out on our Photo of The Month page expect more of the same from us this year kingis snapper groper tarakihi we have availability midweek or weekends

Call Neil skipper and owner 027 207 9159

You are looking for a fishing trip, Westcoast Charters specialise in smaller groups and good experiences most people have good things to say about us I can organise a bigger boat midweek for bigger groups, take time to browse through our website for information on our charter fishing and fishing in the Wellington region every charter company has their style and ours is unique to us
If you are short of time here it is in a nutshell.
Half day trips are tarakihi blue cod or snapper depending on time of year.
Half day family trips are very successful mum dad and the kids or split the cost with another family for these trips we go not too far and where everyone can catch without too much drama expect lots of pan sized fish we have lots of good experiences.
Full day trips we can go out for groper as well if conditions are suitable.
We get other fish you might get a kingfish john dory trevally and who know what else we dont get lots of kingfish and big snapper here but they do turn up.
I have been fishing in New Zealand for around 28 years and I am an active and hardworking skipper/guide, this is a fishing charter focused on catching good fish not budget harbour trips sharing with huge boatloads of people and tangled lines, we will put you on groper tarakihi cod snapper depending on what you want or the time of year or if it is a full day or half day fishing trip.Occasionally the fish are slow biting we cant help that but usually we do ok or really well no refunds if you dont catch the whole ocean
There are rules but they are for your safety and to avoid damage to the boat and tackle I am a relaxed easy going guy except when the fish are not biting I want you to have a good day and I want to enjoy taking you. Enjoy your experience youll get fish but make the most of the outing anyway. On Felix I am skipper and guide I target and catch the locally available tarakihi and blue cod, we can move out for groper if you want a big fish and in summer we do snapper fishing also which is good on an evening or early morning trip but they can be caught just as easily during the day, Albacore tuna can be around too in the summer we can get one or two out trolling its a great experience and they are very good smoked raw or steak the fillet and cook rare

Either charter Felix for up to 6 passengers full day $900 half day $700 Verns Hunters further out, evening trips are $600 regardless of how long we stay out Mana island and coast $600 up to 6 passengers we get good fish on these trips too fishing tackle included,book a date for this and it's yours

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Join one of our organised trips for$140pp $180pp or $120pp,minimum of 5 and we might be able to find one or two people if you are short, to do this option just send an email to TheCaptain@WellingtonFishing.co.nz with subscribe in the subject box and a brief outline of your needs however we do give group bookings priority over individual bookings if there are only one or two on the list but you do have the option of paying the boat rate first.I wont share the emails with anyone else your privacy is importaint If you chose this option please take the booking seriously if you pull out you will lose a pre paid fee or if we havent been able to organise that you will be letting us down and the other passengers because we will not take them with a half full boat its a bit like your boss saying sorry youve got to go work with no pay today.

Hi, we are based in Titahi Bay, Porirua City just north of Wellington New Zealand.
Our fishing trips can cater for individuals, groups of up to 5 on our fast catamaran
We can depart from Titahi Bay Wellington any time of the year.
The trips are bottom fishing for groper, tarakihi, blue cod and during the warmer months the addition of snapper trevally albacore tuna and kingfish are a possibility from the Wellington west coast we can target kingfish if you want to do that.

We get bookings from people from all walks of life, tradesmen, professionals out for a day team building, families, tourists.

Snapper fishing off our 6 metre cat is popular for an evening trip, we also catch them in the summer and autumn whilst fishing for tarakihi.

We have several options of fishing charters all with different prices to suit your budget.
Click the Fishing link at the top for options

Either assemble your mates and make a group booking or call in as an individual, it is usually quicker if you have your group and are ready to book a date.

If you are on our email list you will be informed of other available places and all the local fishing news. Just send us an email with 'subscribe' in the subject box

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